Apprentice Spotlight – Kamil Ostrowski, Polypipe

Apprentice Spotlight – Kamil Ostrowski, Polypipe

 Completing his apprenticeship in early 2019, Kamil was one of the first apprentices in the country to achieve both a Science Manufacturing Technician apprenticeship standard, as well as a Diploma in Polymer Processing.  S4P has reached out to the Quality Controller to see what his thoughts were on the apprenticeship and how life has been since completing.

How did you get into the plastics industry?

I have started to work part-time within Polypipe while doing my college degree. My dad was the person who approached me to join the industry.

What was your very first role and where are you now?

I was working as a part-time worker for two years within Polypipe until there was an opportunity for me to become a full-time quality controller as there was a job advertisement for which I have applied and got the job. Since then I have been continually improving my knowledge within the plastic industry in particular materials and have been on various courses including one which lasted 3 years with S4P which has provided me with a great knowledge upon all the techniques and methods available in the polymer industry.

What is your biggest achievement to date within your workplace?

Completing an apprenticeship with S4P and being able to meet many great people within the industry.

How do you feel the apprenticeship has helped you?

It has given me more confidence in the job I am doing today as it has provided me with great knowledge upon the process of extrusion as well as other techniques and processes which can be used within the field of plastics.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Continually seeking and learning new approaches and techniques in the plastic industry and try to aim to compete with the best people around the world which will hopefully lead me to a great career one day and also lead to making an impact on the environment.

What has been the most useful thing you have learnt along the way?

Learning more about the extrusion side and also the engineering as I had some knowledge about material testing and product testing already

What advice would you give to anyone entering the industry now?

Don’t believe that there is only one way of making the product and also only one way of improving the performance/quality of the material as there are many ways of approaching a new solution and that’s the beauty of polymers!