Founder / Director


Having started off by chance in the Polymer industry initially on the old Youth Opportunity Training scheme (YTS) I quickly realised that plastics were a thing of the future, so a career born out of inquisitiveness began initially starting as a trainee tool setter.

I gradually worked my way through the ranks to that of lead technician before another chance encounter saw me heading up new tool commissioning which took me the length and breadth of Europe. Having also spent time in a management role I was able to fully embellish and understand the needs of a business from both sides before I finally entered the world of training. During this time of my development, I can firmly say that I had exposure to many machines, techniques and variations of equipment that has proved pivotal in getting both myself and S4PL to where we are today.

Unfortunately my career was brought to a halt when Polymer Training Limited went into administration leaving me in limbo of what to do, however, not being prepared to just sit back, with a desire to survive, a firm belief in training and a passion for the industry saw me set up Solutions 4 Polymers in 2009 with my then business partner Rod Howard who has now retired.

The belief and desire to succeed have seen us be the spearhead in developing and taking the sector forward ever since. I am ever the driver of progression and will utilise my skills and partners to continue to develop services that the customer requires in order to meet the challenges of this great industry that we have.

Whilst I primarily head up the company, I don’t let that hold up my passion and grassroots and I can still be seen getting involved in direct training and even getting my hands dirty. I firmly believe that to drive the industry forward, you still need to understand it and be in touch with what’s happening at all levels and there is no better way than actually doing the job.


Well, mine is more of a lifestyle as I spend most of my free time supporting my son in his motorsport hobby, so get little time for my anything myself.