Science Manufacuring Process Operative/ Diploma in Polymer Operation apprenticeships.

This apprenticeship is aimed at both new and existing employees who work in any of the many processes in the Polymer processing industry and would benefit from a structured development to enable them to operate at an ‘Operator’ level.

The programme falls under a Science Manufacturing Process Operative standard and aims to equip your apprentices with the operational skills and understanding for a particular or specific polymer process.  To ensure a well-rounded operative it also covers General Performance or Behavioural skills i.e. effective communications, teamwork, and
management of change.

All of our training is undertaken on your site, utilising your materials and machinery for maximum benefit to both employer and apprentice.

The Diploma in Polymer Operations can be upgraded to an Advanced Diploma but undertaking the optional unit, ‘Install and Prepare a Polymer Processing Forming Tool and Ancillary Equipment for Production.’

Please see our course guide below or click here to download a copy.