New Product Design

Utilising our expertise we are able to provide support or a full package of product development from concept through to acceptance. We can offer all of the services from product design, tool design 3d prototyping mould manufacture, mould trialling and customer acceptance, full support in relation to cad drawing for both mould and part are available. We have access to a wide range of polymer moulding machines if trialling is not possible or required at your own premises. We can even help with the contacting of your mould to a suitable moulder if required. Should you require an independent unbiased report indicating areas requiring further investigation of a new mould then this is also possible. Polymer training in new product design could be exactly what you’re looking for. Contact us today for details.

On-Site Technical Support

If you require on-site assistance, support or help with a specific project or problem, whether short or long term, we are ideally suited to provide this service. Contact us for more information.

Product Improvements

Whether through our standard range of training courses, or through on-site support and mentoring, S4PL are instrumental in achieving improved efficiency levels and waste reduction through the introduction of logical and systematical troubleshooting techniques. We are able to provide both technical advice and benchmarking to support companies in their desire to become world class.

Technical training

We are able to offer technical training on your site, within the disciplines of:

• Technical Polymer Training
• Injection moulding
• Blow moulding
• Extrusion
• Thermoforming
• Tampo printing
• Downstream equipment
• Robotics
• Gas injection

This list is not exhaustive and should you require support in any way that is not listed, then please contact us for advice as we can help.

Get in touch now to discuss how we can help solve your problems.