There is a solution to every problem, we just may not have thought of it yet.

A few people over the years have asked how I came up with the name ‘Solutions 4 Polymers’, well here goes…

Many, many years ago, sometime in the early ’90s, I was working in a company where the maintenance engineer appeared in the office of the Manager where I happened to be sat to report a breakdown of a machine.

It transpired that the machine required a component that wasn’t in stock so the machine would be down for a while. The story got worse as the component wasn’t even in the UK and was in Italy.

The Manager was not happy with this outcome and demanded that the machine be running the same day and the engineer should look for an alternative remedy. A few minutes later he returned stating that he had resolved it and the part would be here the next day. Still not happy the Manager responded with ‘they can put men on the moon, why can you not fix the machine’? Find a solution!

Sometime later the engineer admitted defeat in that it was not possible to get the machine running the same day.  After some discussion and collaboration, the engineer was on a plane to Italy where he was met with the part, he returned to the UK and the machine was up and running later that evening.

Moral of the story… There is a solution to every problem, we just may not have thought of it yet.

An inspirational memory that has stuck with me throughout my career was the ethos to SOLUTIONS 4 POLYMERS. The rest is history, but solutions to problems are the future.

Andy Barnard, Managing director